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Easy Edit Layer Combinations


What would be nice is to be able to add or remove layers from a combination via context menu.


For instance, lets say I am in a view and there are elements in a layer I don't need on that view, I should be able to right-click on it and have an option "Remove layer from Current Combination"


Also, if one is adding an element to a view and that layer is not active, we should an option to "Add Layer to Current Combination"


Saves one from going into the layer setting to update such.

What you guys think?

Sedley Jeffers
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I really like this idea!


Not for me. Try using the quick layers palette which offers more options and avoid cluttering up context menus.

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By "add" and "remove" you probably mean showing and hiding, right?

Because technically, every layer is in every layer combination, so you can't add or remove them. You can only change its three settings (visibility, intersection group, solid/wire).


Have you tried the add-on of @BerndSchwarzenbacher?

You should! Its really great and offers what you want (albeit in a slightly different, but more coherent way).

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I like it. I would also like to view the results of your layer combinations WHILE looking at the model, so just by toggling from one diferent combination to another, the model changes according to it. This could help in fine tuning layers and combinations in a more intuitive and visual way


Quick Layers palette lets you select an entity and either hide that layer or hide everything else. I prefer to protect my layer combinations for the layouts. If I find that I keep going back to a common settings of layers, I make it a Combination and save it in the ViewMap under a folder called "User Working Settings". I have one for "walls on only." This is good for preliminary layout, because I only want the walls on and nothing else. This method seems to be the fastest way to get the layers I need.

Todd Oeftger
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