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EcoDesigner Star - Feedback


@Balint Kezer I have started testing & learning EDS initially with the basic requirement to determine PSI/u-values and how they respond in the Thermal Bridge Simulation. This is working as hoped except the ability to place the simulation drawings doesn't include the PSI value?


The other aspect that troubles me more is the absence of any reference in the manual to CONDENSATION and the risk analysis of interstitial condensation. With modern complex structures this is as important as the thermal performance. There is little point in encouraging super insulated solutions if in a few years the building has to be opened up due to structural timber decay or mould build up through a failure to consider moisture movement in the structure. Is there any possibility that this will be addressed any time soon?

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Andrii Levko

As far as EDS topic has already been created, I would like to add,

It would be nice to be able to assign two heating systems: gas boiler and fireplace, to one thermal block.

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