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Element locking

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hi all,
One thing i have seen in another software package which is really neat is the ability to 'lock' or 'glue' certain elements together.
ie if you move a wall, everything that is 'associated' or 'glued' to that wall moves with it. ie move a wall 500mm & the roof & slab edges associated to that wall move also. then if there are footings or other roofs associated to those roofs, slabs etc, they move too.
I know you can do this with the marquee however this gets rather complex when there is a lot of layers or elements you dont want stretched.

this feature is also handy to 'lock' dimensions, ie, i want a window 300 mm from a wall. If the roof expands, the position remains fixed to the set/ locked dimension. This example is probably better if a window remains in the exact centre of the room, & the room expands, then the window remains 'locked' to the centre.

Brett Brown
I think the word is "constraints" and the lastest version of Vectorworks has implimented this to some degree. It is a must have, but seen that it is a Revit feature, it would be a surprise if Graphisoft implimented it. They might if they think they can do a better job of it.
Of course this would make the computer think for itself and we can't have that
Imac, Big Sur AC 20 NZ, AC 25 Solo UKI,
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OK, i didnt want to name names, but since you did I will too... i was referring to the REVIT element 'locking' / constraining.
I havent seen the new vectorworks version yet but if Graphisoft can implement this feature as good as Revit, or even better, then that would make life allot easier which we all want!!

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