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Eliminate t/w conflicts!

Patrick M

teamwork conflicts happen all the time, and sometimes result in one or more person losing work; often significant amounts of work, since they can't send and receive, and have to leave and discard changes to free them up.
Example: I'm editing surfaces, and attach a surface texture/imgage that automatically loads to the embedded library. Another user/work station has the e/l reserved. I can't s/r, they can't s/r... there is a conflict.
Example: I'm editing any attribute. I don't reserve the attribute first, but create a new one anyway. Another user reserves that attribute type. I can't S/R, they can't s/r. This one is usually a pretty minor one, but a HUGE nuisance to anyone that hasn't dealt with it before.
there are similar examples between view map/layout book conflicts, publisher conflicts, translator conflicts...

I can't tell you the number of times I've had to say "well, save a .pln, leave and discard changes, then copy your work back in from the .pln". This is a case of the software making things incredibly frustrating for users, and embarrassing for a consultant like me that can't give a solution better than "well I guess you're hosed"

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What's the warning you get when it happens?


I've had a similar thing happen with this error message:


We are able to resolve it by having the other user just release all, not send/receive. Or release just that one attribute, and it frees it up so the original person could send/receive their new attribute that was created.


It has also boggled my mind that you can create a new attribute without having the whole attribute reserved, or archicad will create attributes through copy/paste, hotlink updates when you don't have the whole attribute reserved.  But we know what a bin fire attribute create logic is. 😫


I tried replicating the situation with the embedded library but couldn't get it to reserve the root of the embedded library, only the individual files or folders in the root of the embedded library.  I'm sure i've done it accidently in the past.

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yes, that is exactly the issue. often it can be resolved by having the user in question (in your case, Scott j moore) release just the conflicting element/feature/setting. a release all is often not an option, since it involves sending, which is the function being blocked.
it is particularly problematic if one user has surfaces reserved, another has the embeded library reserved, and a third creates a new surface that adds a jpg/png to the embedded library. User 1 can not release surfaces because user 3 has a single surface in their local data. User 2 can not release the embedded library because user 3 has a single image in their local data. User 3 can not release all because user 1 has surfaces reserved and user 2 has the embedded library reserved.
It's a situation that is easily avoided by a simple 'best practices' of not creating surfaces without the attribute(s) reserved or adding to the e/l through the surfaces, but going to the library manager and reserving there first. But that is a best practices situation that is almost impossible to enforce or even remember when you are in the zone cranking through a modeling/documenting day... and only find out that the rest of the team has been doign the same and you are all locked out after hours of work.
We need a solution that prevents these conflicts, rather than gives you an 'oh sh**' notice at the end of the work day (or whenever the team happens to decide to s/r).

BIM solutions and trouble shooting (self proclaimed) expert. Using Archicad 26 5002 US on Mac OS 11.5.2