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Excel/Google Sheets like logic in Interactive Schedules



A giant leap into the bright future if it were possible to enter parameters and formulas, refer to the internal data of the project, create dependences between data directly when editing the table, and be able to have any custom format of tables like this all are in the Excel or Google Sheets. I face this every day, and it is my dream!


Graphisoft might take a look at it's sister company, Vectorworks, which has had the capability to run Python scripts within schedules for some time although i believe they call them worksheets.

Although the last time i looked, data access was limited.

That is the major problem with using Python in Archicad today --- limited access to data and functions and a non existent easy interactive data display scheme. Other than that -- easy peasy


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Scripts are really powerful, and your idea is great! But i think, for most of users the graphical interface is more easy to use, like it is in Excel, Google Sheets or other similar software. I understand that functionality may be to complex to be directly added to the Archicad, this is just a dream. But if we could have a direct link to Excel or GSheets with real-time sync and ability to import in Layouts as a Drawing with automatic update function - it will be really good and easier to implement, i guess!

Dear All,


Thank you for sharing your ideas and opinions regarding this request!

I'm glad to say that we took notice and we have added this Wish into our Wish database.
(For future reference, you can refer to it as IDEA-4483)


I hope we see this get implemented in the future.
Have a great day!

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Minh Nguyen
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Omg omg omg THIS!!!! CREATE DEPENDENCES...  We spent days on doing schedule and dare if we do adjustment

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