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Extra referens plane location between other and finish


Extra referens plane location between other and finish

Extra referens plane location between other and finish.png
Barry Kelly

For what reason?

Generally the 'Finish' is the outside skins, the 'Core' is the structural skins (usually the centre) and every thing else in between those (battens, membranes, insulation, panelling, etc.), is 'Other'.


You can have as many skins of each type as you want.

The only things you can't do is have 'Other' skins between 'Core' skins or 'Finish' skins between 'Other' skins.


They have to be in the order of 'Finish', 'Other', 'Core', 'Other', 'Finish'.

But if you want you can have something like ...'Finish', 'Finish', 'Other', 'Other', 'Other', 'Core', 'Core', 'Core', 'Other', 'Other', 'Finish', 'Finish'.



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I see it’s a good wish as for designing while using partial structure display set to without finishes I can get my composite structural slab reference plane is set to other top or other bottom,

a kind of making modeling and detailing processes easier and faster.

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Hi Barry, 


In this way I don't have a lot of interior finishes in my model, such as a floor coating. And I can also show without and with construction finish. A coating on my floor must not affect the construcion alignments.