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False ceiling - Raised Floor

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Don't you think It's time for a good tool to draw false ceiling and raised floor ? I mean not link Cgraph archi panel which is so Bugful.
I really eager to See this tool in Archicad 18 ...
How about using the Curtain Wall Tool. Discussed here previously I think.
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AC4.55 through 27 / USA AC27-5030 USA
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MacOS 14.5
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I Knew's been discussed ... that why I Wrote a good tool !!!
a tool can accept different type of accessories and you can define them , I mean for example the raised Floor have its own reference line ... and when I make a Electrical Floor Box for it, I can adjust it 5 mm above the reference line . I mean a Tool you can define different Type of pedestal for for it ( in case of raised floor ) ...Curtainwall and Archipanel can be used in schematic way ... I mean a real Tool ...
Up to now ..I used different ways 1) slab - 2) curtain wall 3) archi panel
and none of them are really good enough ...
In the case of simple - Housing ... Slab way is nice ...But for Official or Commercial which their ceiling have their own problems with MEP Stuff ...
A good tool can be very useful for BIM ... not a simple modeling .
thanks for your concern Aaron