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Feature Request: Allow "division" snap points while holding Shift


Often I am modelling and want to drag an object orthogonally to align with the midpoint of another object. To do this I first have to drag the object I'm moving to the object I'm aligning with, wait for the midpoint to show up, and then drag it back to the path I want to move it along, hold Shift, move the object orthogonally and then click on the midpoint.


A better way to do this would be to hold Shift, drag it orthogonally and WHILE doing that, move the cursor over to the object I want to align with to find the midpoint...but the midpoint doesn't show up unless I release Shift.


Would anyone else appreciate this update?

Barry Kelly

I have gotten into the habit of touching the elements first to activate the snap points, then do the move.

But yes, it would be nice if the snap points could still activate while in the move command.



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Gerry Leonor

i think i'm understanding your method correctly.

for me, i use Snap Point Constraint all the time (i have a single-key shortcut "D"), in combination with Snap Point Disions (set to 4).


in the middle of a command (drag/multiply/etc) i activate the shortcut "D". then it asks me to click on 2 nodes. between these 2 nodes i can have sub-nodes depending on the number of Snap Point Divisions set. with my Divisions set to 4, i have the option of a node at 25%, halfway 50% & 75%. You can set this division number by clicking Set Snap Point Values.




i don't have to wait to hover over an already drawn element waiting for the nodes to appear. matter of fact, i don't even have to have anything drawn/modelled -- as long as i click between the 2 Snap Point Constraint nodes it will display it with whatever divisions you've set it to.


here's a post that's similar to what you're asking

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