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Feature request: Drag a copy to drag multiple


Wishing for a way to switch from dragging a copy to dragging multiple. When dragging an element, the option key (on Mac) can be pressed to drag a copy or option and command together together to drag multiple. But when dragging a copy by using command+shift+D, pressing option+command should initiate the drag multiple feature....but doesn't. Can we make this a thing? Thanks!


You must have custom commands in your settings.

Standard "copy drag" is "cmd+D"

After executing this command, you can switch to single or multiple copies with "opt" or "opt+cmd". can actually make any combination of keys for most of the commands...can you solve it that way?

Or just use Move - and set your array style....

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Barry Kelly

What keyboard short-cut do you have set up for it.

I believe by default there is none set up.

You can set any short-cut you want in the Work Environment.





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I have never noticed this. Never use the Drag a Copy hotkey, always just use Drag then toggle between the options. It is odd that the toggles are not available when using those alternates...

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I suspect the reason the Cmd+Option toggle is not available after you press Cmd+Shift+D is that when you use that shortcut, you have specifically activated the Drag a Copy function, nothing else.

I feel your pain though - I do what you described all the time.  


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Funnily enough this is an issue that I never thought about. I had to reopen ArchiCAD to see again how I did things myself. I think I experienced this way before earlier during my learning period, I just erased it from my experience. I think this is the main reason why I muscle-memoried into ctrl+D, ctrl ; and not ctrl+shift+D because I could not drag multiple copies after the fact.

Yes, I think this may become my learned behavior as well if the option I propose doesn't become a reality. Thanks!

Thanks Barry - I could set one up, but the instance I'm talking about is when I switch from the mind set of "I need to make a copy of this" and hit cmd+shift+D, to "oh, shoot, I have to make a bunch of copies". In this instance I have to cancel the command, and then redo it for multiple copies. It's about switching once the "drag a copy" is already in process. Thanks.

Karl Ottenstein

@NateLumen Sorry for my previous reply which this is replacing...  Yes, I see what you're saying and I think it is a bug.


If I cmd-D to drag and then press option-cmd, I get the ++ to drag/copy multiples.


If I option-cmd-D to drag a copy, nothing will make the "++" copy multiple appear.   Tapping Opt will make the "+" disappear, making it an ordinary drag.  Tapping it again adds back the "+" taking us back to drag-a-copy.  But no key combination will make the "++" appear... even though option-cmd should do so.  I mean, if I've tapped Opt to make the drag-a-copy into an ordinary drag command... then, just like as if I had issued an ordinary drag command, option-cmd should give me "++" for multiples.


If others agree this is a bug, I'll report.



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Hi @Karl Ottenstein,


Yes, you've got it exactly.