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Feature request: Drag a copy to drag multiple


Wishing for a way to switch from dragging a copy to dragging multiple. When dragging an element, the option key (on Mac) can be pressed to drag a copy or option and command together together to drag multiple. But when dragging a copy by using command+shift+D, pressing option+command should initiate the drag multiple feature....but doesn't. Can we make this a thing? Thanks!


On further review, this behavior seems to be "by design".  The Drag-a-Copy command is assumed to do exactly that... drag on copy.  The Drag Multiple Copies similarly won't let you change it to Drag or Drag-A-Copy.  I believe that they must have made this decision to limit modification of these commands to avoid confusing beginners and/or to get exact replication of steps in tutorials etc.


The drag command - either cmd-D or simply starting to drag something - with modifying keys of option (drag one copy) or option-command (drag multiple copies) is perhaps seen as a feature for non-beginners and does give the most flexibility.

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