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Feature request: Selected views automatically placed in new folder

Eduardo Rolon

"New Folder with Selection…" right click option is a good idea.


[Karl/moderator note:  Apologies to NateLumen for the mess.  This is his wish, and getting it moved/merged into the Wishes forum got things out of order.]

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This is a very handy feature in other applications that seems like it would be a quick update: when making a new folder in the view map, if multiple views are selected, automatically place these views in the newly created folder. This saves the step of dragging all of the views into the new folder - they are just automatically in the folder if they are selected when the folder is created. It's these little things that add to the day-to-day pleasure or pain of working in these applications. Thanks!

Great idea!

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I like the idea, but I would still prefer the Project Map tree to have branches for the different view types and provide the ability to Clone all or part of the branches into the View Map ahead of such an option. The problem with free selection is Views need to be added manually to the View Map and occasionally they get overlooked which is one of the reasons we have folder cloning. 

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