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Find & Select Criteria for Line Length

Jarrod Phillips

As the title suggests, it would be handy to search for lines based on the line length using the find and select palette.





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Second that.


Omg, we need it soooo much! This has to be an official feature request.

ArchiCAD 25

Windows 10

The very first prototype of the Python thing was able to do exactly that. I'm still mad they axed that and gave us, whatever that current thing is.

But hey, maybe @BerndSchwarzenbacher could make us an add-on in the meanwhile?

I'm not holding my breath for Archicad to catch up with the 90s.

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«Furthermore, I consider that Carth... yearly releases must be destroyed»

If anyone could make it, that would be absolutely awesome.

I can't code myself, but I imagine coding a line selection criteria, based on its length, should not be super difficult ?

ArchiCAD 25

Windows 10

Thanks for alerting me to this Luc!

I'd be interested in developing this and it's not the first time I get that request 😉
Unfortunately I can't take it on for now, since I've self-imposed a stop on developing new Add-Ons until I get a handle on distribution, selling, marketing etc. of my current Add-Ons 😅

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