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Find & Select autopopulate


Okay, here's one that I could imagine being useful. When searching for an object using the find and select feature, I can select all of my criteria, and then autofill all of the criteria values using the eye dropper so that they all match the element that I've eydropped. Great. But when I then add a new criteria, its default value doesn't match the element. This means I have to eyedrop the element again. Not a big deal, but bothersome. Usually I'm adding additional criteria because I've realized that the criteria set that I've created doesn't filter elements adequately, meaning I would like it to automatically match the element that I previously eyedropped. Anyone else?


Hi @NateLumen,

This happen to me also & I have to use the eye dropper. again, then all criteria will be matching that object, you can save these criteria for later use and recall faster.

Otherwise, you should define all criteria that best match with your object before using eye dropper.

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This is broken in AUS versions too.

It works correctly up to and including Archicad 26 then its broken in Archicad 27 build 5003

(it auto populates any new fields added after using the copy settings function up to and including Archicad 26, but not in Archicad 27)

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@AllanP Yes, I thought I remembered it working correctly in prior versions. Strange.