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Fix Standing Seam roof issue with the Roof Surfacer object.

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The issue:

Properly aligning standing seams easily in 3D as well as matching representations of it (fill pattern) in generated views such as roof plans and exterior elevations.

This has been an issue since version 7 as far as I can recall... and still present on version 16 & possibly 17. Please vote to make this fix happen and to let them know we want this object supported and NOT just provided "as is".

Tips to getting it to work the way it should have been discussed, but tedious and annoying that we still have to deal with it after so many versions. I have not seen this under the wishes category or maybe I haven't gone deep enough, so apologies if there has been an official "wish" for this issue to be resolved already.

More threads/comments on this topic:

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Back in 2010, Karl mentions that this is in their queue of wishes and issues (tips of working around the issue can also be found on that same thread):

Confirmation that the issue is still present in version 16 and that the Roof Surfacer object is only offered "as is":

Confirmation that other issues persist in version 17 (tips offered?):

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