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Free the Libraries! No more version control of library.

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Free the libraries!

I'd like to post a wish that the Libraries not be tied to a version number. I want libraries to be version blind, one library for all versions!

For example, many companies have spent time and money to create an AC-6,7, 8, 9,10, or 11catalog, but they sure aren't going to spend the resources to keep doing that every single year! Therefor there are quite a number of orphan catalogs out there that simply aren't going to evolve due to the unending problem of version incompatibility.

Plus I am annoyed that the prime limiting factor in being able to continue to work on a project from one version to another is that library parts just don't have a seamless transition path. I mean a "Look Ma!- No hands!", universality of use in any version.

I frequently don't start a new project in the latest version for at least 6 months after release because of the inability to cleanly migrate my current projects, ALL due to the library insanity.

Why can't this Library situation be fixed? Imagine the sound of nails scratching on a blackboard!
kevin b
I agree it's a huge problem for us seemingly every version. We have a large company favorites set up with for example doors set up with numerous parameters modified to statrt you off with our typical office standard. We also have many of these objects saved into a "Sample Plan" which is linked into our template file so users can eyedropper things. Now we have to update every door because for whatever reason Door D1 Metal 13 is incompatible with D1 Metal 12. Multiply that by several doors and windows in a long list of favorites and the Sample Plan and I have quite a bit of work to do before I can unleash the new version on users. And while I could easily just have them load the Migration Library to load those old parts I like to try and keep new projects as "clean" as possible. I haven't gon ethrough all the parameters of every door in detail but on the surface they don't seem so different that they couldn't be made to update from the 12 doors.
kevin s burns, AIA

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Rick Thompson
Yet another good example of this need. If a set of Windows and Doors designed by one person (SmartParts) can manage this version issue, why can GS???? It truly plays havoc with Favorites making it unmanageable in the long run if you, like me, deal with many plns from different versions.
Rick Thompson
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