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Choose your top Archicad wishes!

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Post your wishes about Graphisoft products: Archicad, BIMx, BIMcloud, and DDScad.

Garage doors need more love!

Stefan Videnov

Garage Doors.jpg

Hi all, 

I've been busy recently with industrial projects and oh god, garage doors really need some love. |'ve had to manually model all the doors, due the production company that we work with not having BIM models - and let's be honest - most of them don't.

Currently the options we have a quite limited and most of the differences are aesthethic and also for housing projects


My wish is for

-Overhead doors with rails that go vertical, with rails that go vertical and then turn on the roof

-Fast Rolling doors

-Spiral doors


The most important thing is that we can adjust the dimensions of all the typical volumes - be it the rolling box or the rails.


Kind regards




I sent some shop drawings to Graphisoft last year. Hoping for a new Commercial Overhead Door Object.

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Archicad objects/doors/windows need to be created with reference to what is on the market. Most of the time, Archicad objects are generic. They almost get the job done, almost always.


Here in this forum, there should be a proper place for users to discuss improvements to objects.

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Laszlo Nagy cpsvis

i use many industrial library. hörmann, assa,etc. very detailed.

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I have had quite a few Archicad users contact me with the same wish.

So I did this: Infinite Openings - Updates December 2021 - YouTube


As a library builder I know it is a big ask to request all possible door function types with all there required fixtures. An Item such as a garage door that covers everything in the market could quickly become a complex API on it own, rather than a small tool within a complex API.


That is why I think it is best to rely on 3rd party content when you require such detail. The manufacturer's content Laszlo has link to is a common source but it has its own issue regarding too much detail without an LOD MVO control and the limitation of the specific products. That is why I created our Infinite Openings tool which is a generic customizable element that can mimic any product by referencing built in catalogues, so you get the best of both worlds.

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