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Give Folders/Layouts/Plans/Elevations Colour Option


I was thinking it would make things visually quicker to differentiate if you could define folders with colours (similar to how you can in photoshop, giving a layer or group a colour).


Right click options - set colour - choose from pensets etc or a colourwheel


See very quickly done screenshot (screen is in dark mode).

Screenshot 2023-06-06 at 12.32.29.jpg

Sorry but the style police decided a few years ago that colour is inappropriate in the user interface... and Dark Mode isn't going well its it. 🙈


Monochrome may look cool but it definitely isn't helpful when it comes to identifying stuff quickly... Hmmm was it this grey button or this one... 🙄

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+1 for this idea. 

I'm always putting ###### or !!!!!!! on specific important folders in the viewsets and layouts to make them standout. 

I'm sure there is a way to have a complementary colour work scheme that works with the minimalist iconset and achieve some level of visual clarity. 

We Architects are visual people and I still struggle to even tell the icon for a Layout Sheet from a View on Sheet apart sometimes.


Here's my idea of what it could look like.  Subtle and complementary, but still enough to help distinguish:



Interestingly, I just worked out you can actually add Emoji's into the names of items on the Navigator. 

They only show as monochrome version though, so no colour. 😢

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Hah! Now you've got me putting emojis to all the folders!


Can't believe this is the current solution


Totally on board on this one.  


would be also useful in cloned folders: if hiding the views you wont need is not technically possible (of course it is), at least you can highlight the views you are actually using or viceversa for quick identification.