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Graphisoft Event Site must be fixed

Nader Belal

Hello Graphisoft,

I'm starting this thread to draw your attention to many aspects that are related to Graphisoft Event Site, and Swapcard App (iOS as I don't have an Android Device).


Let's start with the basics:

- I use Mozilla FireFox as my daily and only browser with the typical assorted plugins to prevent tracking.

- My PC configuration is above site recommended requirements.

- My iPhone is quiet recent with decent amount of ram.

- My landline internet if above 40GBE

- Location, in one of those small island in the Atlantic, but close enough to the European continent (not the UK or Ireland).


1. Sawpcard (iOS)

Unfortunately I want to say that the App, is simply not up to standard. I can understand I may be suffering some issues locally with my network, but I have two Apps, one that is a memory hog, and the other sometimes hangs when connected to the social network, but these two compared to Swapcard, are light and quick for starter.


a. Messages don't update for a period superior to 10 minutes.

b. Alerts, same with Messages

c. Even after refreshing the screen to update (either Alert Window, or Messages Window), the app will show the previous screen, then after 2 seconds will start re-rendering the Alert or Messages Window.


2. Graphisoft Event Site.

There is something that isn't working in the background of your Event site .... I even managed to separate the stream media from the whole site, and guess what, I was able to see a 1080P stream video, in real-time, no hiccups at all what so ever.

But, when ever I tried to see the stream from with in the Event site I get these errors:
1. Poor video stream quality.
2. If I changed the video "Auto" settings by mistake, the video would have worked for a minute or two, then it will stop.
3. If I suffered a hiccup watch the video (it can happen to anyone), sometimes the site will not play the video at all, even if I tried to put the link in a new unused tab (the site page would render but not the video).

4. Continuing with point 3. Sometime to fix that same issue, I have to close any window belonging to the Event site, Log off from the last window, then open a new window, log in to the event site, go to the video, and wait until it decides to show me the stream. If I can catch it's remaining parts.

Those are the most serious issues you have. And I hope you can fix it before the next event.


PS: I can collaborate, if you want to send a diagnostic tool

A good friend of mine have once told me that I´m so brute that I´m capable of creating a GDL script capable of creating GDLs.