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Graphisoft Learn Portal: Indefinite free access for SSA - vs current 6 month course limit

Karl Ottenstein

I got a notice today that I have been deactivated from the Archicad 26 Upgrade Training class on the Graphisoft Learn Portal because 6 months has elapsed since I signed up.  (Never mind that I haven't even looked at the content yet.)


Screen Shot 2023-01-13 at 5.04.49 PM.jpg



Further, I can not sign in again for free as an SSA member using the coupon code - because the site tells me that I'm already enrolled (!) and would now have to pay USD $ 175 which is insane.  The spot where you enter the SSA/FORWARD coupon code is gone:


Screen Shot 2023-01-13 at 5.04.33 PM.jpg

This wish is for SSA members to have indefinite access to all courses as long as they maintain SSA status.  No major learning platform boots you out of a course if you are still an active member.  Everyone has to sign in with their GSID ... so that platform already knows if you are SSA or not... so it should not even be necessary to enter a coupon code...which is so utterly stupid... and is yet different than a Promo Code which appears in the shopping cart.


Please make this a platform that supports customers, rather than a labyrinth to annoy them.


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So what do you see when you go to the website?

I see this.

If I click on the 'Free' button, I get more information and a button to 'Enrol' for which I have to log in.

I have never enrolled in this course so maybe that is why I still can?






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hallo , 

where can I find my SSA access Code ?

Hi Yara

What do you mean by SSA access code?

If you talking about  SSA status, when you log into Graphisoft Learn, you have "Info" in your profile and you can see the SSA status there. If you mean coupon code than You have in the content of the course description "SSA_ACCESS'".

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Yara Oweiss

Hi, thank you for your replay . 

actually yes, that's exactly what I mean . thank you very much .


This is nuts. I was kicked out of schedules course and not even able to purchase back. I have never seen such an approach and attitude from any software developer towards its customers. Please make this right. Meaning for free to SSA customers without any crazy time limitations.

@enjoystick1 They've yet to legitimize the costs of SSA (now at $880 and soon at $975), so to charge even more for the Learn Portal, BIMx Pro, and even as much as they do for BIMcloud, is mind-boggling. We all know the new versions for several years have not been worth the cost of SSA.


They're doing all they can to fleece their existing base instead of simply expanding it.

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Dear @enjoystick1
Please reach out to us at learn@graphisoft.com so we could look into your issue. Since you are an SSA client, you should have access to the course mentioned.


Thank you,

Akos Karoczkai
Manager, Professional Services, Customer Success

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