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2024 Technology Preview Program

2024 Technology Preview Program:
Master powerful new features and shape the latest BIM-enabled innovations

Post your wishes about Graphisoft products: Archicad, BIMx, BIMcloud, and DDScad.

Graphisoft's involvement

Laci Neda
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni
Dear ArchiCAD Talkers,

Your opinion on what directions ArchiCAD should be developed in the future is very important to us. This is why we set up a "Wishes" section in ArchiCAD Talk and now we are happy to see that it has become one of the most frequently visited section of all.

We would like to encourage you to keep on discussing the proposals and we would also like to assure you that we continuously read the forum and gradually process your wishes. We also encourage you to use the poll feature of the forum (in accordance with Djordje's announcement: ) to show us how important you think a possible new feature is for you. Based on the result of the polls we intend to make a list of the most wanted wishes and keep it updated regularly.

Naturally, we cannot promise you that the next version of ArchiCAD will address all the features you discuss here. But the forum can certainly give us a good overview of topics that you regard important for keeping your workflow efficient. Your opinion will be a very important factor in our decision when planning a new version (but I am sure you will understand that there are a number of other issues that we have to consider, as well).

In certain cases we will let you know which of your feature proposal is currently under consideration and we may take part in your discussions to find out about your exact requirements on the actual topic. Please, help us to refine our plans to get the best possible solution!

Hoping we can build a closer relationship between You and Graphisoft and a product that is more exactly tailored to your needs!

Best Regards,

The 'Graphisoft Wish Department'
Laszlo Vertesi, Gyuri Nyitrai, Laszlo Neda
László Néda
Business Development Manager
We need to be able to beat our competition. Now it is becoming more evident that our software which used to be the model of communication between any and all platforms has fallen by the wayside. We can't communicate with Navisworks. We need a package that brings our consultants on board in one package, or components of a package. We need our ECOTECH imbedded into Archicad, we need our Navisworks, collision detection software, we need to be able to translate our bim models into revit or whatever. We need to be able to do anything in Archicad that architecture, engineers, contractors, consultants, environmental analysis need in one package.

Today I had a meeting with 12 other professionals ranging from our contractors to our engineers, all our building 3d models that we can't read, doing things we can't do, communicating with one other in ways that we are unable to do. Now what.

We used to be the BIM leaders now we are in a room by ourselves, unsupported or untranslatable. Bring VICO Constructor back into ARCHICAD, Cinema 4d, and some sort of collision software into the mix, analysis software. Start to package it closer together. Get a office in Phoenix. Come on we need the technology and innovation that makes us superior to the rest of the competition. How is it that we have fallen so far behind in 18 months? Graphisoft can't hear the American Architects' needs or desires as it relates to our profession and the other professions the make up our industry. Does GS really understand the way Architecture works here in the US and or don't we have the support and development to take Autodesk out of the thrown.

It feels like the focus has changed significantly from 9 to 10 then from 10 to 11. We need lots of changes not 4 or 6 per year. We need things that change the way we have a position.

At the close of the meeting I really felt sad. Truly sad, like nothing I've been fighting for through school, through my practice through anything mattered anymore. Autodesk has control and is making me question my intentions and ability to impress my clients and our consultants. Why because GS isn't willing to push anymore for some reason or another. Why wait to fix teamwork in 13 and add MPE stuff. We need the changes to happen in the next beta, we need a revolution to start again in Hungry and don't stop this time.

GS AC loyalist to the grave.
Archicad 25 (5005), Windows 11, AMD RYZEN 7 3900 (64 GB RAM)
Thomas Holm
Hungry in Phoenix?
Seriously, I have a feeling GS knows what's happening. Although I don't think they'll move to Arizona, I think they're working. I hope/think that Nemetschek's purchase is aiming at concentrating resources to compete with Autodesk. We'll see.
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Two months on from ares997 post, I read today:

(Quote)All the announcements of 2009 product releases were saved until Wednesday’s workshops. In the BIM/AEC Industry Workshop senior vice president of AEC Solutions, Jay Bhatt listed the product lineup for that group:
Revit Architecture
Revit Structure
Revit MEP
AutoCAD Civil 3D
Autodesk Buzzsaw
Autodesk Constructware
Autodesk Inventor
Autodesk 3ds Max
Autodesk Maya
Autodesk has acquired NavisWorks, Intelisolve, Carmel Software, Green Building Studio, and Robobat.

I could not agree more with the lament in the previous post
"We used to be the BIM leaders now we are in a room by ourselves, unsupported or untranslatable".
Who practically uses IFCs? - and if they are honest, how much mucking around is involved? In reality, using tailored versions of "your" software will always be a more reliable method for interacting with other disciplines.

What do we hear from GS/ Nemeschek?
What do we see - Strategic investments or aquistions? Developments of our software to make interoperability really achieveable?

These are real issues that need to be addressed for the ArchiCAD user base - and any potential customers. Thomas, your reassuring words will need to be backed up by GS's to hoping they will!
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Good day!

i'm just a newly graduate architecture student from Philippines.. i want to lear how this program or software works.. i think its good..

i wish i had a chance to try it..

i dont even have my own pc..
Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
Here is something you can learn from:
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