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Group of zones


Hello, Was the issue of zone grouping solved in AC 26 ?

As far as I know it wasn't.


So I suppose millons of architects are waiting for this possibilitiy with AC, when they are like me projecting collective housing bildings.

Now I use zone numbers to collect all rooms of one flat in schedules. But I need a way to write the total area directly and automaticly on the plan wiew.


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No. GS doesn't seem to consider higher level entities such as groups, systems and zones to be something worth developing - you can always use the IFC manager!


A solution in this post by Mathias with python and a property

But not automatic we must restart the python script to update



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Thanks (merci !)

This should be directly included in next AC !

Étienne - AC 24 - France

In the German version we have the integrated "Wohnungsstempel" add-on (apartment stamp).

It kinda does what you want. But it is horrible and everybody hates it.


Then there is the great add-on by @BerndSchwarzenbacher.

But I agree that there should be a hierarchical order given in the system and something like this should be working out-of-the-box.

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ArchiCAD really should just replace the Zone tool with a "Space" tool that allows you to group Spaces together into Zones. This would align it with IFC standards. They could remove a lot of the junk that is in the Zone tool right now as well

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Hi Tinou,


A good workaround for this is to use the selections palette. You can save a selection of zones and give it a name. Then, if you need to reselect the same zones again, you simply click on the saved selection in the palette. You can find it by clicking on Windows > Palettes > Selections.





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Thank you for all of your comments!
I'm happy to say we took notice and registered a wish under WISH-12777. 

I hope it will be implemented soon!

Best regards, 

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We use a separate Zone (as if above the zone) for the description of the apartment. We call it "Business Area" because it is the area we "sell". This area, as opposed to the simple sum of the area of the rooms, includes the area under the internal walls. We must therefore use multiple layers for Zones and different stamps (or labels). Personally, I had to invent and program a special stamp that responds to the Model View Options (MVO) setting, which I also use to resolve the stamp content displayed.
All shown here:
This has only one catch, you can't then easily use the available properties of the other elements that define which Zone the element belongs to. Moreover, this property is not available for zones and so I can't automatically find out which Zone (Room) belongs to which Zone (Apartment), I can only use the manual entry of the value of the user property for that.