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Grouping to make an instance (component).

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Now Grouping is only for helping to hold object together, and for easy selecting. But it would be magic if Grouping to be able to create an instance! Like Components in Sketchup or instances in 3d max. So, if i model something by morph, copies of it can be modified by edit only one of them! Not for only morph. For any objects, that can be grouped.
what we don't have is the basic, most fundamental, essential, necessary tool common to all computer processes... The ability to collect elements together and have the ability to change their content and know all the other copies have also upgraded.
Yes, I hear you, that's exactly what we are looking for. I made my suggestion because we're waiting for this feature for too long without any response from GS and thought maybe there is something they can implement without too much hustle in what we already have and achieve pretty much what we're looking for.

Unlike AutoCAD wblocks which are always external independent files the hotlink in AC can work internally, meaning it can reference its own file. The problem is that you can only choose elements by stories. If they could add just another filter to narrow it down to a specific group of elements then we basically have this feature. You're right, the hotlink modules are not very user friendly, too much waiting time for an update, etc. , so maybe my suggestion is a compromise indeed, but it'll do the job. I'm tired of waiting.

Yes, we have the Selection Sets which we can give names, but unlike Groups which can be locked to prevent any unintended editing the Selections are sort of loose groups which you can move things around freely anytime and so probably not suited for this purpose. But hey, maybe Group and Selection features can/should be combined together, and that should straighten things up.
Kei Mito

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