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Hiding individual sides of a fill outline

Chris H

I wish we could hide individual or multiple sides of a fill the same way you can when you're editing a complex profile. This would be preferable to drawing a fill with no outline and then using lines or polylines where needed.

Screenshot 2022-08-24 095449.jpg
AC USA v8.1-26, Intel i7 11700

You can disable all outline by this option or keep and make it transparent:


AC 27 INT 5003/WIN 11
AMD Ryzen 7 5800H with Radeon Graphics 3.20 GHz 16.0 GB

Right. But I want to be able to edit each side individually.

AC USA v8.1-26, Intel i7 11700

Yes, you’re right.

AC 27 INT 5003/WIN 11
AMD Ryzen 7 5800H with Radeon Graphics 3.20 GHz 16.0 GB

Vectorworks does this.

It boggles my mind why in Archicad you still can't do it. ( 2022, no less)


Not just hiding individual sides, but actually changing the display properties (line type, line colour,  line thickness,....etc.)

I mean, you can do it with slabs where you edit a a slab edge to give it custom properties different from other edges. And those are 3D elements.

You can even do it with a fill defining a complex profile.


But then with a regular fill you use for drawing or basic drafting, you can't.


Seems odd, if you ask me.


So for example you can't use a Fill to create a simple clean "ground line" in an Elevation or Section window, with all edges hidden, but a selected edge as the "ground" with extra thickness, in cases where you don't have a mesh to do this (or it's not doing it correctly)