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Hyperlinks in text/photos/drawings/visuals or whatever I want



Any way that I can add embedded hyperlinks that would be openable in pdf? (in text, drawings, visuals or whatever I need to be embedded). I looked everywhere but can't find the way to do it. Also I found this in a many people "wishes" from MANY years ago, so I wonder, if it was updated yet... ? 

The specific reason why we would really appreciate this upgrade is because when we do presentations, and create schedules (we make our own but even if we would use archicad's same thing apply), besides adding product type/ID/specs we also add links so its easier for developers, us, or clients to be able to review the specific product in the link with more info....always came back to it by just clicking... I also would prefer my logos are clickable and so on.  Just adding a little bit of modern techniques can't hurt. 😎

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Embedded links - not that I am aware of.

But you can just type text for the URL and that should become a link in a PDF if I remember correctly.

It is just you will always see the entire text URL.


Another trick is to use QR codes.

You can't click on them for the link, but you can scan them with your smart device.

The advantage of this is it even works with paper prints.



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