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I want a hot link for interior floor insulation.

I've been dreaming for a while because of Relink all Doors/Windows to Wall Base.

There is a problem caused by my country's way of using internal insulation.
The top of the top floor rises and the floor of the lowest floor goes down.
The top layer is no problem.
However, the bottom layer has a thicker inner floor insulation and goes down further, which raises the height of the doors and windows from the standard. I thought of another way, but since there is a standard that the wall must come down to the structural slab, I thought it would be nice if the additional offset could only be applied to the door and window.

It was a midsummer night's dream.

If there is a possible way, please let me know.
I'm going to make a wall mod that only needs to raise the floor height of windows and doors. ^^

AC25 5010 / AC26 4019 on window 11

Erwin Edel

It took me five read throughs, but from what I gather you have the ground level story which has a different thickness for the floor finish in the slab composite, than the stories above and you linked all your doors/windows in the module for the floorplan (repeating element) to the bottom of the wall, which then doesn't work out because of the difference in the finish layer.


A possible solution would be having a higher strength building material for the core of your slab. This will allow you to model the walls a bit deeper, to compensate for the finish layer thickness, provided both the walls and slabs are on layers with the same intersection group number.


Walls and slab automatically resolve priority based connections.


Hope this helps.

Erwin Edel, Project Lead, Leloup Architecten

Windows 10 Pro
Adobe Design Premium CS5

thank you
But because of today's measurements, I'm in a state of mental breakdown.
I also posted.
I'm just waiting and hoping that I'm doing something wrong.

AC25 5010 / AC26 4019 on window 11

I've tested several, but there doesn't seem to be a way.
I think that unit households on the lowest floor should be replaced by creating a new type of Mod that deepens the floor height of walls and raises the floor height of doors and windows in the implementation stage.
You have to write in Wish later.

AC25 5010 / AC26 4019 on window 11

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