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ID Manager numbering disposition options


I might be wrong, but I think ID Management works in two ways only:

  1. if one selects all elements (to be re-ID'd with consecutive numbers added) then the numbering disposition seems almost random but is most likely in order of element placement. I might be wrong though as I never tried to get behind this logic.
  2. selecting elements one by one by one by one... sets the disposition for consecutive numbering re-arrangement within ID manager.

I know such a one-by-one selection can be saved as a selection set for future ID arrangement or renumbering..., but that doesn't help much if one needs to individually select hundreds of elements.

Renumbering elements (windows, doors, columns, beams, etc.) should be possible automatically based on the X and Y position, which would give further options (ascending X / descending Y, descending X / ascending Y, etc.). A combination of that and the marquee tool functionality would save us a lot of time.


As an ID of an Element is a Property by itself, the ID Manager could be integrated into Property Manager, which would enable us to apply such operations also on other properties of elements.


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Wasn't exactly this one of the very few Python examples?

So, it's doable. But built-in would be nice, too.

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Yes, there are some examples with which you can number elements in a zigzag way based on a specific classification. I never tried it, but I believe it would be possible to change and adopt the scripts for different scenarios.


But you need to deploy the Python script, which is still an experimental feature (not for the avarage archicad user). I never had time to play with the python scrips, but I think they don't work in combination with the marquee tool filter, which reduces functionality.


What bothers me most is the fact that the ID's are most of the times a combination of a description and a number two-in-one. Maybe an element's ID would be better as an expression based combination of an element ID and an element number? That would make my life much easier, It's not possible to do that based on custom properties, as the element ID mapping for IFC export is hard coded and can't be changed.


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I am working on a project where so many devices such as switches, receptacles, security devices, audio devices, light fixtures are customized in appearance and or installation that we have resorted to having a unique ID for each device. There are thousands of devices. We use an expression to concatenate the space number, a product type code, and the unique id into a tag. We also have custom classifications that let us subdivide the product types into smaller groups of like items, By manipulating the property fields in a schedule we can make adjustments to the unique id property in the schedule to keep each group in a space identified in a bit more less chaotic way and not resort to needing to select each item one at a time in plan view. Unfortunately if you need a specific order of ids while moving around a space this does not help you very much.

So we get something like this. R-121-14 ( receptacle 14 in space 121 )


I believe the ID manager can be set up to number in order of element selection which is better than adjusting each element one at a time. We use both strategies.

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