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In place module editing

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Like AutoCAD's function to edit external blocks in the current drawing :
You access the module and everything outside the module gets greyed out and uneditable, but it stays there and is still active for tools snap...
DGSketcher wrote:
Gergo wrote:
Problem with external module-files:
all the attributes (layers, layer combinations, pens, materials, layered structures, etc.) AND saved views (for different scales and floor plan, ceiling plan, etc.) need to be created identically in each separate module files and in the mother-file too, where these modules are placed.
This is one of the reasons I avoid modules. I got in a real mess with this once with changed attributes on an evolving project.

It would be a big step forward in usability if GS made in place editing available.

Is not that the reason why some people work with modules on negative stories? By doing this, everything is still contained within the one file. You end up with a million stories though...


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You can work on negative storeys but depending on what you’re creating this isn’t particularly efficient. I get it that modules are intended for repetitive instances, but they also offer a more robust solution than grouping for one off or limited use assemblies. I don’t know about everybody else’s working practices but my grouping control is switched multiple times during drawing which makes unexpected selections and editing within a group an unwelcome risk.
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Nothing has changed from 2003 to 2022. Basic functionality, I expect it with each new version. Grapfisoft, don't be deaf to the cry of the people.  😄

You can actually do that, but you have to save it as an object and keep an editable copy of the elements in a hidden layer.  When you want to modify something you turn on the hidden layer and save it as an object with the same name; all instance should change.  Its not ideal, but works well. 

(this is not my idea, it came from Shoegnome).



Reading through this list of comments, I agree with all of the users above coming form vectorworks and sketchup p- both of which I am proficient with where in place editing of components / symbols / blocks / objects (or what ever you want to can a repeating element is very well implimented an enables a smooth logical work flow whilst remaining in the same project file . In vectorworks you create a symbol (block in autocad) and to endit in place you hit apple - open bracket to exit out of edit mode you ht apple - closed brackets - SIMPLES. The gold standard is sketchup and the way it deals with editing componentes. Double click all other instances are greyed out, make changes, exit out of the component editing mode - done. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE just look at sketchup component editing and copy this. This is a daily workflow that all cad users expect - this really needs to be pushed up to the top of the list !  - learn from the best, which in this case is sketchup. Otherwise Archicad is ticking many boxes. Thanks!


@Janos Detre BUMP! Just in case you doubted the validity of my statement. 😉 


There are also many other threads with the same request scattered through the last TWENTY years.

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