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Incorporate Better and more extensive functions to Archicad


As a developer that have slammed against GDL limitations, I always find myself astonished by the lack of this language of simple functions that were made available in C/C++ long time ago even when the GDL interpreter have access to some of them, for example:

  1. The lack of sorting strings in an array.
  2. The lack of more accurate trig functions beyond 4 decimal places.

On another side, few other improvements should be implemented, like:

  1. Xform command should accept an array input

And there should be clarifications on how we can deal with new Archicad's cloud license with in GDL, cause right now, we are clueless


Add to that:

- Functions - instead of have to use a call as a fake function. 

- Ability to call functions from a macro, so you could create libraries of common functions. 
- Real multi dimensional arrays and objects to store variables 

- else if - instead of having to nest if statement

- Read autotext content inside GDL - so you could manipulate auto text content eg layout ids in a section maker. 
- OOP!


Scott J. Moore | Fulton Trotter Architects | BIM Manager, Associate, Architect
Since AC13 | Current versions AC23.7000 & AC26.5002 | BIMCloud Basic | Python, GDL, VBA, PHP, SQL, CSS
Certified Graphisoft BIM Manger (2022)
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With recent improvements,  multi dimensional arrays are not that necessary, and although else if would be nice, there are other ways to bypass the hurdels