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Index - Go to view/layout


how great would it be if indexes had the feature of schedules, where you could jump to the item being listed?!?! Looking at the view list as an auditing tool, you have to track down the source to change any view settings shown (which is no small task... faster to just go view by view TBH)

Screen Shot 2023-09-06 at 6.41.58 PM.png

BIM solutions and trouble shooting (self proclaimed) expert. Using Archicad 26 5002 US on Mac OS 11.5.2

The whole index-schedule-manager setup in AC is in need of developer attention. Indexes are a strange combination of schedule and manager and would be redundant if the two were properly developed.


The drawing manager has the function of opening go to both drawing and source view and with the manager being dockable it is easy to use. But it lacks a filter function and the ability to save filters and listings. It also lacks the ability to edit listed settings inline, although it is possible to open the relevant settings. If the manager was enhanced with this and also expanded to primarily views and layouts but perhaps also other "project items" such as viewpoints and publisher items then it would be an ease to manage and audit the structure of project files.