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Interface Consistancy

Brad Elliott
One of my current biggest complaints is the ongoing lack of interface consistency and how it creates confusion. Quick examples:
1. Select a window- In the info bar the sizing order is t-Window Height, b-Height from floor, then Width. Open the selection settings and the order is Width, Window Height, Total Height then Height from Floor a confusing change in order.
2. The new fill settings are handy but in display options they are listed Cut, Drafting, Cover and in the info menu they are listed Drafting, Cover, Cut.
These are two that are annoying me today but there are several more instances of this. I was hopeful that 9 would catch these with the interface improvements but no such luck. Does this drive anyone else crazy?
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David Maudlin

I am not posting this to disagree with your general point about consistency in ArchiCAD's default (out of the box) set up.
For your example # 1, you can go to Options>Work Environment..., select the Info Box item under Tool Schemes and change the order (or visibility) of the panels in the Info Box. I reworked this quite a bit to get (for example) the layer panel to appear at the same place in the Info Box for all the tools. At least with the customizable interface in ArchiCAD 9, the user can make changes.


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Brad Elliott
I am aware of this and have spent several hours in AC8 and now AC9 to fix the info box but there are still items such as the display options that can't be fixed. My point is that I should not have to spend that kind of time trying to fix Graphisoft's interface problems.
Mac OS12.6 AC26 USA Silicon
M1 Macbook Pro

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