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It should be possible to associate railings with more types of objects


Currently it's possible to associate a railing to a slab or stair edge. Some other options would be nice:

- Associating with wall geometry

- Associating with an opening. Currently it's not possible to associate a railing with a hole in the slab that's cut by an opening for example.

- Associating with beams and snapping to column points.

- Associating with roof edges as well being able to have a railing start, and end on any point of a roof and follow roof curvature.

- As with roofs above but with shells.

- As with roofs above but with meshes. I think this will be tricky given how meshes aren't really "curved" but some approximation might be useful for modeling fences following terrain.


Revit has much of this functionality but I think AC's is better in the long-run in that the railing doesn't act as a "gravity" and the reference line can self-overlap on different levels.

Gerry Leonor

i use the Railing Tool for my barge/ridge capping for my roofs. i use a custom profile, have it associate to the Rail & have the Rail Tool snap to the corners of a roof.


i do the same with my concrete kerbs. i have my hardstand / driveways modelled with meshes & i have a custom profile for the kerb shape & have the Rail Tool link to the mesh corner.


i just tried it with the wall & i think it only associates to the bottom of the wall. the workaround here is to increase the bottom offset of the rail to match the wall. it's not clean, but it's associated.

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