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It should be possible to establish multiple coordinate systems like in Revit


As per the title, it should be possible to establish additional coordinate systems, often associated with real world positions. Furthermore, it should be possible to move and rotate these coordinate system origins, as is possible in Revit. There should also be a way for sharing coordinate systems with linked in .mod files, similarly to how Revit does so for linked Revit files. Also, inserted links (dwgs, etc.) could be "attached" to a particular coordinate system (if that system moves relative to all other systems). Like in Revit, you could move/rotate the entire project with all the associated views by moving the default project coordinate system which would result in all other coordinate systems being moved relative to the project's coordinate system.


Having multiple coordinate systems can be especially handy if the user wants to import/export other CAD/IFC information in real-world coordinates without having to use multiple AC files to hotlink for DWG export for example. It can also be handy when multiple instances of the same project are placed at different locations in the real-world and the user wants to switch between instances while working inside the project.


Revit has a decent implementation but some things there are lacking (ease of use, UI consistency, no control on which coordinate systems linked IFCs use). Maybe AC could do a better implementation?


Thank you! I did use the search feature before posting this so it may have been the wrong search words. Nónetheless, my original post outlines an example to learn from (Revit) and perhaps surpass.

Yes, the community is impossible to overview and search through.... More input/discussion is always good so the comment was more a way to link them together - given the lack wish list functionality.