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Layer Definition Attributes

Seeing that GS is unable to embrace the future and move on from layers it would be good if we at least were able to use the same naming convention for layers as for classifications. Currently this is not possible as the period sign is used as an automatic separator for layer name extension. Instead of extensions which would be totally obsolete if search and folders were properly developed layers should have the same definition attribute as classifications - name, ID, description.


Add to this an automatic name and id function and a better search/UI  and layer management would become less of a pain and time sink.



The extension was originally used for sorting, but the introduction of folders makes that requirement redundant. I have never used them, but others do. If they were to be deprecated there may need to be a legacy migration path, or perhaps the extension is just redefined as the ID field.


I agree that having attributes with separate ID & Name fields should be consistent throughout the AC ecosystem, unfortunately it appears to be ignored within the attributes for all but building materials.

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Eduardo Rolon

The extension is very useful since it can automatically add were the layer came from when importing RVT, IFC, DWG.

Still disagree with the hate against Layers but agree on the other stuff.

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Tim Ball

There does need to be better consistency across all attributes. 

Naming could be consistent for all but also the way attributes are displayed in dialogues boxes should be consistent.


At the moment different tool dialogues display data attributes under different headings - even fundamental ones such as element ID.


Personally I don’t use folders because it too slow when switching between folders. Neither do I use the extensions. I can include all the information I need in the layer name to display in the correct order and therefore easy to find.


I also personally love layers because you can control views so precisely.

Tim Ball

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