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Level dimension - add possibility to show coordinates

Karel Landa


I was helping one user with object "Coordinates". While it correctly shows "X" and "Y" coordinates, the "Z" must be adjusted in some way. Either manually move the object in 3D to its right position or use the function to automatically place the object on the mesh.


I was thinking that level dimension could get possibility to show world coordinates (global, relative and based on survey point). That way, if there is a change in the mesh, the coordinates would show all values correctly without need of adjusting.


Kind regards


It is already built in to Archicad. Have a look at this link to SURVEY POINT in the help files. There is an associated object that can be configured for 2D and 3D display.

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I know about that.
The post also mentions it (I was helping one user to set it properly).
The configuration is easy and straightforward but when it comes to changes, especially with Z coordinates (eg you change the mesh around the buidling) the object is not associated to the mesh and you need to adjust it manually in 3D. The level dimension is associated to the mesh (and also roofs/slabs etc) so when the mesh is changed the values are as well.


But I also understand now why it is the way it is. At this moment, as far as I know, you can't show level dimension in schedules.

But it is just an idea 🙂


Sorry, I appear to have slightly misinterpreted your wish. What would make slightly more sense would be for Graphisoft to make the Level Dimension associate to any node, not just the current frustratingly limited selection of elements and also amalgamate it with the survey point capabilities. Reading back I assume that was possibly your primary intent.


Unfortunately consolidation isn't something that gets much attention around here.

Apple iMac Intel i9 / macOS Sonoma / AC27UKI (most recent builds.. if they work)

English is not my primary language so I was expecting some misinterpretation.

About your comment I noticed your post(wish) about possibility to associate it with other tools as well.

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