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Levels (like Revit)


1. AC uses stories

2. For every object (wall, door, beam, etc.) you need to set the ‘Floor plan/section settings’ to ‘Home story only’ or ‘one story up/down’ or ‘all relevant stories’

this is not flexible to me. 

my idea:

1. Create as many stories as you want (level 1, rooflevel, ceilinglevel, foundationlevel, infinite choices…)

2. create a checkbox for every story in de ‘Floor plan/section settings’ where you want to see the objects (with multiple checks possible)

This way you can set walls to go from story 1 to the ceiling of story 1, etc. And when the ceiling height needs to be adjusted you only have to change the levelheight. 😉 


This way the stories would be ‘similair’ to levels in Revit but within the AC structure.


Im all in for this. In my opinión it is one of the most pressing issues to take Archicad functionality to the next level (no pun intended)

Have you ever worked on a drawing where a Revit user adds lots of levels? Structural engineers do this a lot and its just a mess because there is no control

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Hi! In revit only indirectly done by others but nothing too fancy either. Where we used it a lot was in 2d cad, where every Main element had lts named reference level, including split levels, lowest main beam levels, lowest slab level and so forth and it appeared in all the corresponding sections and elevations. Not much automation, but it kept things more organized. 


Personally i would find being able to generate this reference levels (withou a new plan view), and attach objects to these sublevels, extremely useful, specially if we could automatically name these leves. In fact, these sublevels could be attached to the main levels in order to mantain some hierarchy within Archicad current level system

Barry Kelly

@Rve wrote:

This way you can set walls to go from story 1 to the ceiling of story 1, etc. And when the ceiling height needs to be adjusted you only have to change the levelheight. 😉 

You can link the top of walls to a storey now, and even set an offset to that storey.

So you can create a storey specifically at ceiling height if you want, or just offset below the floor (storey) for the next floor level.

As you adjust the storey levels, the walls automatically adjust.



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I have a story at every floor and every ceiling 


Better entity visibility options that are uniform across all tools would need to come first before you touch the storey system... When All Relevant Storeys is not desirable but Home and Above / Below are not usable because you are using ceiling storeys...

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Dear Tim,

Ues I have. I have 16 years of Revit experience. And this is something I miss in AC. It is just a question of good organisation of levels 😉

Dear Barry,


This won't work because in AC you cab only choose from 'show on home story' or 'one story up/down' (or all relevant). So adding extra stories between storylevels won't help you

What problems would arise if we had horisontal sections (with markers/IDs/names) instead of levels - or as an addition? Would be fun to try. I guess one would need a "main" section/elevation to manage all the horisontal sections, like we need at least one floor plan to be able to make AC work..

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