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Make Issue Organizer save an .xlsx file containing screenshots

Thomas Nymann


When creating Issues, they can be eported as .xlsx files from Issue Organizer.

In Issue Manager we can see the Issues about to be exported, along with their screenshot.


In the exported .xlsx file there´s no Screenshot - That would be have been nice 😉



Screenshot Issues.png




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Mathias Jonathan

It would make Archicad central for BIM coordination/management.


There are few possibilities to export .BCF files in excel.

Vinicius Lima

When the Issue Manager was remodeled, I got excited to see this option (of course) working. It was SO disappointing to see that GS HQ missed this opportunity. I know that if you look online, there are a few software that you could import a BCF and export an Excel file with the screenshots, but I didn't find any good enough, and as a matter of fact, even if you find one, this is a weird workflow.

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Minh Nguyen
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni

Dear All,

Thank you for sharing your ideas and opinions regarding this request!
I'm glad to say that this is an existing wish in our Wish list database.
(For future reference, you can refer to it as IDEA-11857)

I hope we see this get implemented in the future.

Have a great day!
Best regards,

Minh Nguyen
Technical Support Engineer