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Make folders available for Zone Categories too


Folders are now available for many attribute types, but not for Zone Categories - why not?

Would be great to be able to separate different category types to their own subfolders.


The uses for zones are quite varied, at least where we operate (Finland):

  • different Gross and Floor area categories, needed for client and official building permit area calculations (about a dozen categories)
  • Then there's categories for multi-room area entities of one specific owner or tenant (apartments, office suites, etc, ca. 50 categories)
  • And finally, singular rooms need their own categories, defined by the intended use and now mandated to be submitted via ifc models when applying for a building permit. There's over 200 of these.

Cramming all of these in one endless list just doesn't make sense. Folders would solve this.

Mikko Lahti - Helsinki, Finland
BIM specialist
Archicad user since 2004

Totally agreeing that folders should be everywhere, even if it's just for the sake of unifying the UX.

But just one question: What is the reason you actually have so many categories? Since we have classifications and properties I never had the need for that anymore. Just curious why you have all of them in the first place.

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The room zone names and categories will be mandatory by law beginning next year as we move into a system where building permit is applied with IFC models and the IFCs need to incorporate precisely defined IFC property data that is then machine-read into governmental registers.


Using Archicad properties for setting the required specific category etc for zones is an option, but the problem of having a very long dropdown list without subsets/folders would remain even with that approach.

Mikko Lahti - Helsinki, Finland
BIM specialist
Archicad user since 2004
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