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Manually load layouts into RAM memory for faster work?


Im proposing this without actually knowing if its technically possible:


as of today Archicad doesnt know what we are working on at any given moment so it apparently doesnt know what to update and what not.  This is specially cumbersome when doing layout work with many views, because if you work in one layout, go to another one and then come back to the one you just worked on 2 minutes ago it reloads again, i mean, come on!    If you add all these seconds plus the way this hampers the workflow and rythm, the loss of productivity is quite big.     

So how about alowing us to manually load some layouts to some fast reading memory up to some reasonable limit? .  This way, we could load, for example, all the windows layouts we willl be working on for the next couple of hours, thus eliminating or greatly reducing loading times.  

Karl Ottenstein

Your proposal is a bit naive as in a modern computer, pretty much everything that is currently active is already in memory or cached and it is not something that is programmatically controlled, but related to the operating system.  The issue you seem to have has nothing to do with RAM, caching, or using an SSD (which hopefully you have rather than a spinning disk), but rather a question of how Archicad determines that a drawing requires updating....beyond the background updating that is already being performed.


You don't say what version you are using.  Recent versions are smart enough to not update any drawing that could not possibly have relevant changes. In particular, in your case, switching between layouts should cause no updates after the first ones ... as viewing a layout makes no changes to the model database.  (That is, going to Layout 1 will update any non-updated drawings on that layout - most of which might well have been updated already in the background.  Going then to Layout 2 will have the same 'update or not' issue... but going back to Layout 1 should cause absolutely nothing to update.  If it does - and you are not working in Teamwork where another user could have modified the model - then it is a bug and you should contact technical support with your file.)



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Hi karl. Im using 25.  That is exactly the behaviour i have:  Work on one layout. Switch to another, it loads. Come back to the previous one a few minutes later and it loads again. Some of my layouts consist of 20 or more little views joined together, so you can imagine the times. 



If a Solo project and you did not go to any model view in between those layout views, please do contact tech support as there should be no drawing rebuilds / delays.


One of the forum moderators
AC 27 USA and earlier   •   macOS Ventura 13.6.6, MacBook Pro M2 Max 12CPU/30GPU cores, 32GB
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