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Markers Renovation Status


It would be great to be able to apply a renovation status to elevations, sections, details, etc.


Sure! Your workflow is as valid as mine is as valid as everyone else's.

That's not the point here.

Instead I'm talking about the broader sense of what makes literal sense. And to me this smells like a classic XY-problem here. The proposed solution adds nothing and only brings trouble. Last but not least it just makes no sense: What does it mean to "demolish" a section? Demolishing is an act of physical work. A view (section, elevation, etc) is not a physical thing. It doesn't exist. And even if it would, there is no time component to this (which the reno filter is ultimately all about).


Regarding folders in the project map: If you've ever handled a big project you easily end up with hundreds of items in the project map. The structure in the view map tells a whole other story and their folder structure will never relate to the one I'd imagine for the project map. And e.g. the issue of the OP could be handled – and much better, I have to say! – with a folder 😉

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Yes, everyone's work flow is valid.


I am in two minds about section/elevation markers having a renovation status.

If you demolish an entire wing of a building and you show the plan for 'New' work, you don't show what is being demolished.

So if you have a section/elevation of that demolished wing, wouldn't you also want to hide the markers? (I would just use layers).


But this would be a rare circumstance.

Most sections/elevations would contain a combination of new, existing and to be demolished elements.

So what renovation status would you give those?


I am happy with 2 layers, 'sections visible' and 'sections invisible'.



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Hi runxel. It's not that I want to " demolish an elevation" or "demolish a section". I have an elevation that shows demolition and I want that marker to show up on my Demo Plan (but not my new Construction Plan), and vice versa. Layers are a work around. But I'd like to use renovation filters instead of a combination of renovation filters and layer combinations. 

Hi! The thing is I want two markers that reference two different drawings. Not necessarily two viewpoints. 

Hi! Thank you so much. I actually happened upon it while trying to find a solution. The conclusion of the thread is there's no way to assign a renovation status to markers, the feature was requested 10 years and 10 versions ago, and it still hasn't been integrated into Archicad. Makes me wonder if devs actually read the Wishes Forum, lol.

I'm not following - that has nothing to do with what to be the objective of the wish and having two markers referencing two different drawings is possible as is.


Although being a terrible approach to visibility control, layers are not a workaround - everything else is. If you wan't yet another workaround I think you would be better of wishing for something involving Show on Renovation Filter rather than Renovation Status.


Although adding Renovation Status to Viewpoint objects would sure be a good stir to the hodgepodge of visibility control GS seem determined to keep cooking. 


I just realized that there's no point having the ability to put renovation status on the view markers, cause you can control the views by saving it in a view map and the content that is being displayed in the view is driven by the renovation filter and the where the marker is placed will always be on that same location. 🤔

no wonder devs are not doing anything about it cause it doesn't make sense. 😅

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One question regarding this topic. For example you want to exclude the Grid Lines in the renovation filter instead of displaying the color want to display it as black. cause drawing that's being shown is "new construction"

see image below for reference. thanks in advance!



In the end what is your Objective?
ArchiCAD 9 onwards

hopefully they can add some toggles here if you don't want your grid lines to be overridden by the renovation filter.




In the end what is your Objective?
ArchiCAD 9 onwards
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