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Markers as sub-part/favorite too doors & windows


The glitch/bug: when you edit a door/window marker setting, they library part will switch to a uniform element. Example, I need to adjust the door marker settings, and don't want to go door by door. Select all doors in 3d to adjust project wide, edit door markers, click OK. Results, plan markers look good, but now all the doors are D2 (previously were pocket doors, D1, D2, Garage, etc.).

The wish: we should have favorites for door markers as a subset of the door settings, similar to stair, railing, and curtain wall sub-categories and their various favorites. Maybe even sub-settings for trim, sash, leaf, etc. as well that can be applied to multiple elements without affecting their library part selection.

The inevitable work-around thats coming in the comments: have you tried just using labels instead of integrated markers... to which I'll be replying: if that is the workflow, the library parts need to be updated to exclude marker types from the gate, and we need an ability to label when placing, similar to the zone auto-label feature.

(proof the bug exists, because...)

Doors after editing markers.png

Doors before.png


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