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Modules (Archicad), Groups, (Archicad & Sketchup) and Components (Sketchup)


I just completed a project using hotlinked modules for an apartment building in Archicad. I have had a good experience in setting up and managing the modules. But I also have experience working with Sketchup. Both AC and SU use Groups to help select multiple objects.


Archicad uses external files for modules and those modules can be repeated in a host file.


Archicad uses groups and you can group several groups into groups, but you cannot access nested groups as you can in Sketchup. I wish we could.


Sketchup can turn its groups into components. These components are somewhat like Archicad modules or Autocad blocks. However, in Sketchup components can have nested components and groups that can easily be edited in any instance and any nesting level. If any part of the nested component is modified all instances in the model file are also updated. Components are not like modules as they are not external files. Another nice thing about Components is that they can be animated by scripting and interactivity. In Sketchup I can double click any instance of a component and edit it or keep double clicking deeper into the component to edit. It is really easy to use and manage.


I wish that Archicad had Components to function as they do in Sketchup. The Modules have their place, as do library parts. But Components would fill a gap of easier functionality that is missing. (And while you are at it, update the Morph tool to function like Sketchup modeling. Morphs are too clumsy and difficult to use)


Groups in Archicad are not that helpful and nesting groups is nearly useless since the nesting is not accessible.


My wish is that Groups in AC would be improved and that named components as in Sketchup would also be incorporated. Such components could do much of what modules try to do only better, while allowing to edit the component in the model. 


If you know what I am talking about, feel free to add some clarity to this. I speak too briefly here to be helpful to explain this wish.

Todd Oeftger
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Sketchup Components are sooo nice to work with. but unless there is a big overhaul of how groups in AC work, which there probably should be, I doubt we will ever see this functionality... The existing wish of inplace editting of modules woulld go a long way and covers some aspects that Components would.

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There is a huge gap in the management of groups that needs closed to meet even baseline modelling expectation. Hotlinking has its place in the modelling process and I am sure it will take a huge step up once the attribute management problems are solved, BUT grouping really is the weakest link in potential productivity improvements. I'm not sure if GS are overthinking the problem with attribute management and annotation concerns. Personally I would quite happily exclude 2D elements from an Advanced Grouping function, but I can see its use for other aspects of drawing. In reality, much like has been suggested with Sketchup, the requirement in simple terms is the ability to group & nest modelling elements and also use them as repeatable & unique components. Considering all the other things AC is capable of with Segmented Beams, Curtain Walls & GDL objects I don't see why this hasn't been addressed yet given the time it has been on the Wishlist.  

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This has to be one of the most sought after features in Archicad. The day it happens will be one of joyous celebration! Please implement something like this or similar.


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Hi Todd, any diagrams will help all of us understand better your wishes above.

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With the goal of productivity improvement in the design process and optimization of the building industriy i guess we will see much more serialsation and repeating elements in the future. So our modeling tool has to support us on that path, with components being one aspect. 

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Yes, it is worrying that the development focus seem to be on in-place hotlink management rather than proper grouping which should be a an easier fix with higher return. As you say - hotlinks definitely have their place in workflows but in most cases it actually doesn't make that much sense to being able to edit them inside the host as there should be a reason for them being separated from the model in the first place. The exception being when they are used as a workaround for the lack of proper grouping...


The notion modelling building information without generic information entities is strange to say the least - the IFC structure is not taken out of thin air. Even without instancing the implementation of groups as property bearing information containers would have a real impact on BIM workflows in AC and hopefully help set the course for future developments.

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