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More Graphic Override criteria options for element geometry.

Barry Kelly
My specific wish is for more criteria options for the geometry of roofs, but I am sure this would apply for other elements as well.

In particular the roof edge type (for single plane roofs) - ridge, hip, eave, etc.
Currently we have the edge angle but not the type.
I would love to determine if a roof edge is 'Undefined' or to be able to override the hips or ridges just to be sure all has been modelled correctly so I can get some accurate quantities in the schedules.

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100% agree with Barry.  I was just going through the Graphic Overrides looking for this very thing, hoping to find it.  Ideally we'd set up a different pen colour & line type for each roof edge type.  Then we can quickly visually check each edge has been set correctly.


While we can easily set up a schedule to list out the lengths of the hips, ridges, valleys etc.  I have zero confidence in it being correct.  The only way to know the edges are being set correctly is by tediously going through each roof edge and checking each one.  I know I'm going to miss some, so can't expect the others in the office to do it better.  Any time saved from getting the data in the schedule is then lost by time spent checking the roof elements and dealing with errors.

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