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More flexible composites (and profiles)


Once I proposed a "free choice material" but I see it was may be not so atractive or not good explained for other users.


For the same reason and to go furnther, I suggest here to add more flexibility to composites:


- Possibility to let some layers setted with the material of the element. It means that any element using a composite with some free layer(s) should have it's own material setted in tool box. (We should imagine the same for profiles)

- Possibility to define if the thickness of layer is fix or variable, with exactly the same logic as multi beams or multi colomns. It means that any element using a composite with variable layer(s) has it's own thickness. (Somehow, it already exists for profiles with strech and modificators)

This feature is also a way to allow variable thickness for slabs. (flat roofs with a small slope for drain)


AC composites option épaisseur et matériau.jpg



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