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More standard features




We use Archicad for interior design. I am not a plane Engeneer and definitely not a senior in Archicad, so my feedback Is mostly about standard features (rather in depth of features) I noticed for the past 5 years working in Archicad. I would love these to help me work more efficiently, organized and focused.💝


1. Change setting for lines & fonts by layer. Up until now I have to turn on/off all layers and keep turns on only the ones I want to change... It's time consuming! When I am cleaning our architectural plans I want to have ability to change fonts & lines based on layers easily.


2. Libraries are a hot mess - We use Archicad for last  years and we have over 100 libraries of all projects.. PLUS Archicad 18,19,20,21,22... Really - there is no way that all new files would automatically open and if needed, save into ONE folder built-in library? All our team work within your own software and licenses, we don't even work in different software, yet we have so much issues when we collaborate on one.simple.project. 


3. Saving plans in better quality Jpeg/tiff/png - Yes, your pdf are perfect, over the top. But some professionals do presentation in different softwares and need to use jpeg/tiff/png instead, and the low quality that is currently there is like unacceptable for any software of this caliber to even offer. (We use Google Slides for presentation - its personal choice then choosing it because schedules in Archicad are difficult... We prefer to do schedules in slides, comment, put links of vendors, and more customization at one place. Thats totally ok for us but we just need the jpeg from you, Archicad!)


4. Pens view & plans - I am aware each pen has a setting but I don't see how the thickness looks like unless I save it in pdf. To have there a view that I can preview all kinds thicknesses per specification prior saving would be cool. 


5. Working units & Dimensions and switching between metric and imperial system - If there would be a toggle one click between switching that would be awesome. I managed to have these 2 icons (WU & D) in palette on front end, however I still have to open its setting and do like 4 clicks, in each.. it would be fantastic if I can click on just one toggle in last setting whether mm/cm into inch/ft and vice versa.


6. Round Fill tool - Please! 0-10 how difficult it is to create round fill tool? 11?:)))


7. Interior Elevation Tool - the standard one is SO ugly! 😄 Why someone have to spend an hour to create some "still not nice" elevation tool view? And it still show lines that I don't want to be seen on plans. When we show in plans a room views, we ideally want it to be clean/modern. I had to import them from Autocad instead manually. 


8. Fonts on screen - when jpeg's save in a poor quality,  its better to do print screens... It would be great to have a setting that would show only for a view zoomed/larger fonts so they are seen. Obviously, if I zoom the plan to see the fonts, then the full plan will not be In printscreen. 


9. Wider selection on fills - Marble, Glass, Different wood cuts.. Nothing? I know everyone can create their own library but some standard files would be cool. (like really cool). 😘



2022 upgrades feedback:

Considering the lockdowns, I have to say that I am quite satisfied with the upgrades, especially with the cabinetry and I am excited to try the now product modeling as well. That being said, I felt quite "horrified" when one of the main "upgrades" was ability to search in layers. 😐 In your case, I would quietly hide it in the loooong list of small upgrades/or bug fixes that its noticed and people say oh cool rather then is this an upgrade. Sorry but it's true!😅 (same goes for Round fill tools menitoned above, for example... That does not have to be a main improvement of 2023, but it could be long listed?)😢 Or even better, it could be added during the year and not In an year... 


I am aware here is some community that is very much sensitive about people saying anything bad about Archicad. I am not here to offend anyone, I just want my workflow be easier, its frustrating when its not. I care about more straightforwardness in described issues I had experienced for the last past years and that had not been touched/resolved/... 

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Marc H

Hi Cocoloco,

I am not sure if this helps, but there are some existing AC capabilities which I use to address some of the issues you noted.


RE #1 - Model ‘clean-up:

Setting up Views specifically for this purpose.  I’ve increased my use of 3D views to accompany my 2D modeling views and using wireframes (in the LC layer setting) for layers I want for reference, and, in some cases, included color-coding certain layers (with GO rules) I want to focus on.  It has really sped up design editing and finding issues in the model.


RE#2 - Multiple Library/Objects to Manage:  

I’ve recently experienced the same, especially when bringing in objects from another architect or importing with the RFA/RVT conversion tool.  The latter is a great tool, but can generate the same objects many times (separated only by the imported groups folders’). To address this, I adopted a practice Eric Bobrow recommended in Best Practices: push as many parent objects out of the project file to a central external library.  As I expect many BIM managers have also done, I’ve created several object file folders (by category) in an externally linked library.  It has become much easier to organize and manage.  I can also easily see which objects are over-sized and need work.  

I will say the bigger challenge for me is controlling the many imported attributes from downloaded objects.  The best I have for that issue is that I applied pre-fix to each named attribute so I can easily spot imported ones and I can then address them with my core list.  Still a bit of work.  Maybe a translator would be helpful?


RE#3 (& maybe #8):  Plan Formats: 

Something I’ve been using more and more is BIMx.  I have used it for presentation, either to my audience via the app, and also through screen captures which I can put into 2D presentations.  I continue to believe its sorely under-utilized tool, but really quickly conveys design intent.  I've also given copies to colleagues for working information on the project.


RE#4: Pens & Views:

There is an on-screen ‘Show True Lineweights” tool, though it does take up some GPU resources.  Also, you can also adjust view and document settings with the GORs, another feature with so much potential.  I’ve expanded my GORs to about 20-30 for use in modeling over the past year and probably will be adding more for documentation.


RE#5. Metric to Imperial Toggle

Great idea !!  For example, I have often received PDFs with metric and want to layout the object in imperial and having to do conversion work outside the program


RE#7: Round Fill:

Would be nice to have a few more pre-built styles of each architectural symbols, e.g., one for presentation purposes vs standard documentation.


RE#9: Fill Selection:
Yes, would be nice to have, say, an industry standard set of fills for all building materials.  I’ve had to borrow and create several.


RE Feedback:

Providing input is important for AC improvement, so we can build on each others experiences, so no worries there in my mind.  I’d say features that save time for the majority of folks on the more mundane items (as you’ve posted) are valued.

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