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Multi-monitor support

I've never posted in the wish section before (certainly not recently), since I generally believe the developers don't pay that much attention to what goes on here.

But I thought I'd just ask (even though I likewise don't realistically expect an answer),

Is there any chance that Archicad my get (TRUE) multi-monitor support like it seems Revit will be getting in their upcoming version:

This follows the most recent versions of Vectorwors (2018) and also Allplan for quite some time (since 2015) all having multi=monitor support, would have thought would be a no-brainer for a graphics-related, CAD/BIm design program and with the proliferation of really powerful graphics cards and GPU's nowadays.

I asked about this some time back, and no response, and I swear if I didn't know better, I would think that Revit developers read Graphisoft forums and then get features to improve or add, from the requests that people make here.

this is hilarious, the post start from 2018 and now is 2022 nothing has been done hahahahaha

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we moved to AC25 in the middle of the year & safe to say, multi-monitor support is still lackluster, if any. i'm guessing in 26, which was released earlier in the year, still doesn't have it either???


i remember back in my old firm using AC10 (?) & using a very neat NVIDIA add-on where i could maximise AC to both screens, have the ability to maximise & snap sub-windows to the each screen (this was pre-tabbed views) & was even able to dock/overlay other windows above Archicad even if it wasnt the active window.

eg. say i wanted to refer at a PDF drawing while using Archicad. i could have AC be the active window but still have Adobe overlay on top of AC. this would work with other applications too -- browser, calculator, notepad, our VOIP phone system etc. it's a shame NVIDIA removed that neat little tool.

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Since you are on Win10, you could look at Microsoft PowerToys.

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Another bump. This and auto-updating of undocked windows without clicking in them. Making a selection in one window and seeing it in 3d, elevation and plan view would be 10/10 handy.

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