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Multiple surfaces on one mesh


I understand that this is not possible but posting it here in hopes it is picked up as a wish unless already noted before.


It would be great if we were able to edit individual faces of a mesh similar to the sub element selection of a morph that allows you to have one morph but multiple different textures. It would save a lot of time and messing around when trying to create site models and change surfaces of the mesh to suit how it looks in real life by creating and splitting multiple meshes. I'm sure that something like this is already possible in Revit and has been for many years.


Screenshot 2023-01-26 164120.pngScreenshot 2023-01-26 164145.png



Have you thought of creating a texture (image) of what you want the terrain to look like? You could then save that as an image and apply it to your mesh as a whole. Yes it doesn't solve the issue that we have with applying different surfaces to each individual triangle. (I wouldn't want that as a feature, as 99% of the time the different finish would occur through the middle of the face, not at the edge. ☹️ )

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jared (shoegnome architects) explains a method of achieving what you want - it's not one mesh, but ultimately achieves what you're describing.


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Would doing SEO's with another object and inherit that objects surface as an operator be an option?


We use that method to change the surface of some walls in rooms, when the wall is a complex profile that spans multiple floors, or multiple rooms on a same floor, and the interior finish is different between spaces.

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I agree.


The mesh tools needs more functionality. I should be able to "stamp" a shape and apply a material and maybe even an offset (for a driveway for example). Or use it to generate true contour lines (as opposed to the "ridges" which are definitely not contours). All the workarounds currently required are frustrating. Where I work, architects, are responsible for most residential siteplans and the topography is very hilly.



I would really need this too.

I currently use the SEO methods described, but it takes a lot of time and computational energy.

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