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My Cad Management wishes

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- Lock a layer permanetly, ie we used layers to identify different groups of layers, such as site, hotlinks, existing, etc. Alternatively provide a means to add a heading to groups of layers.
- Lock the way ID is used for details, sections, elevations, ect. At the moment there are to many choices for drafters to make and is a management nightmare.
- Checkbox to pop-up project notes dialogue box, good for leaving notes to other operators
- Favourites available in infobox toolbar, forces operator to use favourites rather than set it up themselves. Also convenient
- Lock certain pens in the pen table.
- Turn Off some of the project info fields, we don’t use some of them but I understand the need of them remaining standard.
- Have a means to setup a project where all the open, save, save as, ect default to the same project folder. Currently each time operators switch between jobs and do one of the previous they have to keep changing back to the project folder. Microsofts favourites is not a good idea as it takes so long to open, at least for me.
- Default Header and Footer Options. This is a good quality control printing record that should be standardized.
- Set one of the translators to default.
- Enable default translator to be turned off. Stops operators using it, which I never want people to do, we have our own translators.