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Need context menu for duplicating Layouts


I’d like to be able to duplicate sheets here, but there’s not that option weirdly. Maybe I’m missing something here? Could be intentional for some reason but can’t quite figure out why / how that would make sense yet. Curious if I’m missing a setting, or if there’s an easy workflow to get around this quickly. Thank you so much for any thoughts!





So there's a very hidden keyboard shortcut, but not sure why it's not in the pop up menu on Right Click. Can that be added please as a wishlist item maybe. This is very common to have in the right click menu in many other software programs. Thank you so much!


This has been discussed here for the keyboard shortcut, but for some reason I can't Reply to that conversation,


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Yes, just drag one (or more) Layouts, then hold the CTRL (Windows) key. A small + sign appears. Move the copy to the desired location and drop it there.

I prefer less menu items if it works like copying in other apps (an excel worksheet as example).


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Right I know the shortcut, which I just learned, but it should be in the menu 100% based on like industry standard software design principles. It's hidden feature that should be right in your face. 


New, Delete, Duplicate are like very top level menu items to include, agree we don't need to clutter the menu with 24 items, but the basics are expected.


i agree that it is more standard to have all options in the context menu, so will move this thread to the Wishes forum.

Karl Ottenstein

The conversation that you wanted to reply to is 17 years old.  The system tries to discourage waking up really old threads.  If a topic isn’t recent (past year or so) start a new one as you have and provide a link to the old topic for anyone who wants to read more 👍🏻

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Ah thanks for the context Karl, yeah it's really weird feeling cause I thought a bunch of my issues where being silly new-ish user of Archicad, but then I've found all these threads from like 15 years ago of people have the super basic issue then. So many threads I'm trying to wake up, but good to at least know how this forum app works bit more 🙂


Thank you for moving this to Wishes, this is definitely a great wish of mine! 

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