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New Autotext possibilities


Current layout names/IDs have long existed as autotext options which has become bread/butter for layouting. Autotext options for current view name/view ID )from view map) as well as project view name/project view ID (from project map) are not possible. This would be incredibly useful for DWG export when creating text stamps within the model and you have different DWG views for furniture, ceiling, etc. but don't want to create extra layers for the stamp itself.


Another useful autotext would be the name/ID of a particular view that may be a different view from the current one. It would update automatically if the view name/ID is changed. Same for layouts within "layout space". One layout may be referring to another layout so using autotext would reduce the possibility of error should the other layout name/ID be changed. Would be also nice to be able to refer to any layout folder name/ID as well.


Disclosure: I am using AC24. If this has already been implemented in 25 then disregard this.