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Option for trace reference to update when changing between views



I am currently working on a project for my study where we need to keep the existing structure of a building (beams, columns, etc). To make sure I place things like walls and stairs in logical places, I like to be able to see these elements in my floor plans using a trace reference of the same floor with another layer combination (to prevent accidentally selecting these elements every time I click somewhere in their vicinity). I was wondering if it was possible to have the reference automatically change the source view whenever I switch between plans (example, if I switch from floor 0 to floor 4, the trace would also change from 0 to 4, basically the 'above/below current story', but with a different view folder (and preferably with an option to select the active story)). As far as I know, I currently have to manually select the correct trace reference whenever I want to switch to another floor plan,


Hope you can help


Yeap. Its a total pain. I recently asked for something similar, albeit not automatic: just the ability to set diferent trace reference for diferent views that remain there if you switch view and then come back.

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